First Winter Storm is perfect reason to PREP-UP!

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First Winter Storm is perfect reason to PREP-UP!

Hello folks,

As we are less than 8 hours from the winter storm moving in. . I’m reminded to get things in place.

They are saying that many people will loose power and we all hope it doesn’t happen in our neighborhood but just in case. .
This is a great reason to get prepared and rehearse with your Family Kit and Plan. This may not be as bad as other storms but its the perfect reason to see if your family emergency kit works!

If the electricity went out and the trees blocked the roads to your house. . would your family be ok for a day or two?

  • Do you have enough blankets, fire wood, generator or propane?
  • Do you have enough batteries for flashlights, cell phone and other devises?
  • Do you have enough water/food ready to eat that doesn’t need to be cooked? Canned soups, meat, milk, etc.
  • How will you deal with ice on your car, sidewalk and plants. (Scrapers, shovels, salt/sand?)
  • Have you made sure that all critical emails and packages have been mailed?
  • Does your family have a plan of where to meet if the storm moved in during school and work hours?
  • Have you covered the outside faucets and let them drip?
  • What about the plants and pets?
  • Finally do you know where the gloves, hats and scarves are for the kids.. who will want to play outside?
  • How will you keep the kids occupied without tv or computers?

This could be perfect excuse to let the whole family practice “sheltering in” which is a fancy term for camping out in your house. Kids always love to play camp out. . so why not turn this into a fun family adventure and practice building your Family Emergency Plan and Kit now.

Remember it is never too early to prepare but it can be too late.
At Prep2Bless we pray that you and your family never have to go through a disaster but want to make sure that you are prepared so that you can respond and be a blessing to others in times of emergencies.

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