Typhon Haiyan coverage by BBC

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It is hard to imagine how strong and damaging that Typhon Haiyan was and how those people who survived were able to do so.

Now we are finally getting some better stories about the condition and suffering that so many are coping with.  Tonight as I was about to turn off the computer I happened upon these stories and pictures from the BBC.  They are worth the time to watch them. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24950905

How I wish we could do more.  On this side I am happy to announce that Just Water which makes the water filters for the Texas Baptist Men (and used all over the world) are getting ready to send 10,000 filters over to the Philippines. They are working round the clock to get the shipment ready.

Our thoughts, prayers and offerings go out to those who are recovering from this dreadful storm.


And may God strengthen them and bless those who are coming to help from around the world.