Prep2Bless June 21st

Hey North Texas it’s time to Prep-UP!

Prep2Bless is Saturday June 21 in Plano, Texas.

This is a FREE half day event for the whole family.  There will be over 20 workshops, booths, demonstrations, experts, and lots of great materials including free 72 hour kits and training that can help your family, neighbors, church or work place be prepared.

Learn from experts from City of Plano, Collin and Dallas County, FEMA, World Vision, Operation Blessing, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Fire and Emergency professionals, Boy Scouts and more.

It is never too early to prepare but it may be too late.



Why is Prepping important for our Family?

Imagine if tornadoes hit the area and took out all cell phone coverage? How would you get in touch with your children, spouse, elderly parents or office? Where would you meet? How would you find each other?

Or if there was an accident who would you call for help? What if there was a bad ice storm, hurricane or fires and the roads were closed and the electricity was out –  would you have enough to eat, drink, medicine or way to keep cool or warm.

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PREP2BLESS was a great success!

Take a look at what happened! ( Watch Video)

Thanks to the great team, workshop leaders, amazing staff of NDCBF, World Vision and direction of Dr. Smith.

The event was hosted by North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship at the Plano Worship campus.  This was a Family Emergency Preparedness Event with over 500 people.  World Vision engaged the youth and had them build over 600 food kits for families in Moore Oklahoma.  Check out the schedule for the program.

Stay tuned for more pictures, videos and blogs from participants and the Youth Media core.

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