Our Mission

Preparing Today To Bless Others Tomorrow

Prep2Bless is an emergency preparedness event with a positive community focus.  Prep2Bless was developed to provide  the information and tools so that you, your family, friends and workplace can be prepared in the case of disasters and in turn bless others. 


How Are We Different?

Emergency Preparedness Training With A Heart

Prep2Bless is faith based – instead of fear driven – and about building relationships between churches, leaders, ministries and organizations.  This is more than a lecture, this is an opportunity to build bridges and relationships with experts and local officials, get some training, ask questions, and make new friends that care about your community.  


What will you learn?

Prep2Bless has materials and training for the whole family and for people on all levels of development.  For the beginners, Prep2Bless is a “first steps – get started” program filled with information that is practical and positive.  The goal is that every family and individual would be prepared and able to build their family plan and 72 hour kits.  For the more advanced, Prep2Bless includes group lectures, breakout sessions for skill development, training opportunities, government officials, ministry booths, vendors, displays, community volunteers and emergency response experts that are happy to interact and share valuable information.


Upcoming Event:

Prep2Bless - June 21, 2014 –  Plano, TX 

8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m

North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship

2801 E. PGBT (Pres. George Bush Tollway), Plano, TX 75074




Does your Church need to start Preparing?

Why not schedule a Prep2Bless Event, Workshop or Presentation for your group, church or event?

Contact Lynn Scarborough – Prep2Bless@gmail.com


It is never too early to be prepared but it can be too late!