Prep2Bless Story

Tornado Damage - "We Don't Have a Home Right Now"

All disasters, emergencies, hazards or acts of violence happen in neighborhoods and impact people who have lives, families, jobs, and birthdays just like us.  Being Prepared is important and can mean the difference between life and death during extreme weather.   Prep2Bless started because in the Dallas Ft. Worth area we have to cope with tornadoes, extreme weather and other hazards.  We wanted to “Know What 2 Do” and to pass it on to others.  We are an average group of folks that wanted to make sure that our family, friends, neighbors, church members and community would be ready for emergencies and any disasters that came our way. After all, disasters happen everyday and they are non-discriminating where they strike.

So our study group began researching and reading to help us build a plan and we had no idea what to expect. There were so many lists, suggestions, and advice from so many organizations. When we started reading all the materials on what to do. . .it was over whelming. Where do we start?  How could we get it done? We all live very busy lives and it is tough to get everything done. And, who has money in their budget for all the extreme prepper products?  Like many others we wanted to know:

  • Is there an easier way to be prepared, a method that anyone can do and can involve the whole family?
  • Could we learn from our local Emergency Preparedness officials in addition to Police, Fire and Utilities Departments?
  • Could we meet and learn from Red Cross, Salvation Armies and other Are there ways we could get more training?
  • How could we be part of a volunteer group in our area or join a First Responder Team?
  • Is there a way we could unite with other churches, groups and individuals to form teams to help our neighbors in time of need.

So the planning began and our volunteer team launched the first city wide event December 2012 at the former Shady Grove Church (Now Gateway). It was a great half day event (see Press)  with over 18 workshops, demos, vendors, 20 information tables with representatives from Grand Prairie Police, Fire and Emergency Services, World Vision, FEMA, Red Cross, Homeland Security, Salvation Army, Victims Relief Ministry, Dallas  Dept of Health Services and more.

If you want to experience it take a quick tour of the Dec. 2012  Prep2Bless Emergency Preparedness Event.