Get Trained

Whether it is a natural disaster, accident, terrorism, or family emergency; training and experience make a difference.  Do you want to help out in places like Moore, Grandbury, Tuscaloosa, or New Orleans.  Do you want to learn how to be a first responder or support the work of your Police or Fire Departments.


There are lots of opportunities for training and volunteering in our communities through the city governments, organizations, ministries and community disaster relief organizations.  Taking class is the best way to get started.  Training is encouraged and certification is required  for specialty areas.

If you want to get started in your area, check with the Disaster Planning office for your city.  Many cities have training exercises throughout the year.  There are Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) available through cities and FEMA.

In every community, especially in the North Texas area, there is training available every month.  In the Dallas Ft. Worth Area, here are some of the organizations that offer training for individuals or groups::

FEMARed CrossSalvation Army, World VisionVictim Relief MinistriesTexas Baptist MenDRADT 


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