Emergency Prep Should Be Family First!

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Emergency Prep Should Be Family First!

I think that we need to have a different approach to Emergency Prep. Instead of it being about hoarding, guns, isolation and beating of chests, I think that we need to think about families, communities, cooperation and mutual respect.  The early pioneers use to circle the wagon when they were under attack, so don’t we need to do the same.  The lone wagon was the most vulnerable to attack, not the wagon train.

As we move forward into an uncertain future and times of crisis and emergencies, I want to link up with others who prefer teamwork instead of being the lone ranger.  There is a safety in numbers but also a security in community.

This is why Prep2Bless is about families, youth, children, neighbors and communities. Prep2Bless believes that Emergency Preparedness is an essential and critical activity for the entire family and is dedicated to providing events that build bridges between generations, genders, races, cultures and denominations.  This is why we have training for the children and a special program for the youth.  It is never too early to learn to prepare but it could be too late.

Prep2Bless invites you and your family to the free training at North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship on June 22 from 9- 12:30. Register Now.

Here is a press release that will give you more details.